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Captain Jacob Keyes

Humanity already has enough dead heroes.

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Character: Captain Jacob Keyes
Series/Fandom: Halo

Age: Approximately 62 Earth years; due to long periods of Slipspace travel spent within cyro-chambers however it is closer to a late 40s in physical deterioration; also, medical advances allow people to live a longer life and therefore age more slowly in his universe.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Jacob Keyes is strict military discipline, which includes his meticulous appearance at all times. He prefers to be wearing a uniform at any given time, and in fact will likely complain about the looseness of civilian clothes if ever forced to wear them. His graying hair is cut short as per military regulations. He has stormy grey-blue eyes that belie his keen intelligence until he becomes utterly focused and hardened in his work. He is of an average height for a male and though obviously aging his body is still kept in good shape. He has relatively unassuming physical traits that are neither ugly nor entirely attractive yet he has a odd charm about him that adds to his features to make him appear kindly handsome.

Personality: Again, Captain Keyes is practically the epitome of strict military discipline. On board his ship, and especially on his bridge, no nonsense is tolerated and he will quickly reprimand any insubordination quickly and efficiently, and without remorse. But that isn’t to say Keyes is an uptight stick in the mud; no, Jacob will share in a well-timed and tasteful joke when the time calls for one. He just likely won’t be the one to initiate it (unless it is a dry, humorless remark on a FUBAR situation that really isn’t a joke at all). He realizes that soldiers need the release and easily tolerates good humor when it can be afforded. Possibly one of the best ways to describe Captain Keyes is “fatherly.” He is a strict man, but he compliments and rewards just as quickly as he reprimands. He is well respected amongst his peers, both for his intellectual prowess in navigation and naval tactics as well as inspirational leadership. He is fully dedicated to his cause: to protect Earth and her colonies no matter the cost. And nothing could ever stop him from giving his all in this endeavor. In almost contrast to his strict protocol adherence, Keyes is well known for thinking in unconventional means to get an impossible job done. While he would never condone the kinds of tactics he uses in the battlefield within his classroom, he is more than willing to try the unlikely in his own experiences. Keyes is an excellent secret keeper; conversely, in most cases he is a horrible lair. While he likes the feel on his grandfather’s pipe in his hands and to fiddle with it while he thinks, he views such an action as a sign of nervousness. Keyes never likes to show such weakness to his crew for fear it will unnerve them, and he never wants others to be unconfident in their commander. This could be either a sign of pride--or simply his desire to never spook his fellow soldiers or make them doubt themselves. Besides being the “Old Man” to his crew, Keyes is also an actual father back home. He is truly a loving person whether or not he can always accurately get this point across on a regular basis.

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This is a role-playing journal for funtimes by aisuyoukai.
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